Campus Mission Academy 2018

August 12 – 19 | $450 | Miracle Camp in Lawton, MI

Registration closes July 15

What is the Campus Mission Academy?

Many students desire to see the Good News brought to their campus and many want to play their part. The trouble that they run into is that they don’t have the tools, strategies, confidence, or vision to do that effectively.


The Campus Mission Academy (CMA) is a seven day seminar that helps students grow in their ability and desire to be effective missionaries on their campuses.

Why should you come?

Be Equipped

We are all made to be missionaries for the Lord but we might not know how to do that. At the CMA we’ll train you on how to share the Gospel with someone and bring them Jesus Christ.


The training will include getting a full vision of this mission that we’re all a part of. There will also be practical training such as how to lead a Bible study, run an outreach small group, and give your testimony.

Build Relationships

University Christian Outreach chapters are located in a variety of cities and the students who participate in them come from even more places. The CMA will give you the chance to meet and interact with many different people who also want to share the Gospel and build community with each other. Whether you’re coming from a big or small chapter, you’ll be able to encounter and build lasting relationships with people from all over the country.

Encounter the Lord

We won’t simply be talking about the Lord but we’ll be encountering him directly.┬áThe Lord wants each of us to know him personally and have a relationship with him. We’ll have daily times set aside for worship and personal prayer to come before the Lord.

What’s the content?

Bible Study Training

Coming Up With a Contact List


Making Invitations


Running the Bible Study


Following Up


Moving from “Reach” to “Call”

Getting Vision

Eternal Consequences
Romans 10:13-15


The Mission of Jesus
Luke 19:1-10


Story of a Start-Up
Acts 16


Straighten Up
Luke 13:11-13


1 Corinthians 9:19-23


To All the Nations
Matthew 28:18-20

Relational Evangelism

Initiating Evangelistc Conversations


Building Friendships


What is the Gospel?


Sharing Your Testimony


Making the God Ask



Sunday, August 12 to Sunday August 19


Miracle Camp and Retreat Center
25281 80th Ave, Lawton, MI 49065

Fundraising Materials

If you want to come and be trained to be on mission, we want to help you get there! Click the button to access our fundraising checklist.

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