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Our prayer meetings are times of deep worship and prayer. We meet twice a month at UBC to join with our brothers and sisters in glorifying the Lord and reflecting on different themes of a Christian student’s life.

As a charismatic group, corporate worship is a cornerstone of UCO; and we really encourage each other to exercise the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 14:26-33) for we believe that these gifts give strength not only to our worship but to our entire ministry. We welcome the Holy Spirit into our meetings so that we may praise the Lord with all that we are.

After our time of worship, we spend time together in fellowship or listen to talks about practical Christian living.

Lord’s Day Celebrations

In recognition of Christianity’s Jewish heritage, UCO practices what we call the Lord’s Day Celebration. In the Jewish tradition, the Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday with a special set of prayers to prepare them spiritually for the coming day of rest. The Lord’s Day Celebration is an adapted form of  these prayers. We prepare ourselves for Sunday with a structured prayer, times of song, and the feasting! These are also evenings where we build relationships with some fun filled fellowship.

The Lord’s Day Celebration is unique to UCO and is a time where all Christian traditions can come together to honour the Lord’s Day. All Christians share in the devotion to keeping the Sabbath holy yet seldom do our different traditions have the opportunity to worship together on Sunday. The Lord’s Day Celebration which UCO prays together on Saturday, gives us that opportunity to come together as one body to welcome in the day that was made for us (Mark 2:27-28).

Click here to learn more about the Lord’s Day tradition with a video made by a UCO worker in London.

Fellowship Eventssnowshoeing

Although we do love prayer and worship, we do also love to build relationships! The time we spend doing social activities is called fellowship. Really, the definition of fellowship is “friendly relationship”, so basically in our times of fellowship we’re building on our friendships. But there is something more because we share a special bond through Christ. With Christ as our base, we are free to build close brotherly sisterly relationships. It really is a blessing to have these kinds of unifying relationships (Psalm 133).

Some examples of fellowship events that we have had in the past include bowling, dinners, volleyball, softball, laser tag, and watching movies. Sometimes these events are done as a large group and sometimes we have special times for men or women only to foster strong bonds of brotherhood or sisterhood.

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