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Why Mission Year?

Mission Leaders serve as Christ’s hands and feet on college campuses across North America. They reach out to students on campus at random or in connection with a student already in UCO. Mission Leaders need to take initiative in forming strong, trusting relationships with the students in their UCO chapter. These relationships are the foundation of the work of a Mission Leader, since the goal is to support students in their journey to mature discipleship. Hear why Jerel and Katie decided to do become Mission Leaders.

A “Mission Year” is a way for recent college graduates to serve in the mission of UCO. The person takes a year or two and does either part-time or full-time mission in a UCO chapter before the next phase of their life. They learn how to live simply and focus their time, energy, and resources on bringing the Gospel to university students.

There are four main elements to a mission year:

  1. Mission
  2. Training
  3. Personal Formation
  4. Community Formation

A Mission Year staff worker will be given a wide variety of responsibilities within the UCO chapter to help forward the mission of spreading the Gospel. They will work closely with supervisors to learn the skills necessary to carry the tasks assigned to them as well as attend regional staff training days, the Pastoral Training Institutes, and UCO’s Summer Academy throughout the year.

The heart of the Mission Year though is focused on spiritual growth and transformation. Mission Year staff will be given a set of resources to grow in scripture study and daily personal prayer.  They will also participate actively in the local Sword of the Spirit community attached to the outreach and partake in teaching given by the community.

Full or partial personal support raising will be required for the Mission Year staff to cover basic living expenses and program fees. The majority of the funds will be raised the summer before their service begins so they are able to focus enough time and energy entirely on finding people to support them in mission. UCO will help the Mission Year staff by providing training and resources for this stage—God always moves in power!

A year of service is the best way for you to lay down your life for Jesus Christ as well as students in need of hearing His Gospel. The Lord will take your life and give you far more than you have ever expected, apply today for a Mission Year with UCO!

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