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Application Process

Step 1: Complete our “Initial Questionnaire.” This is intended to help you get your thoughts down and let’s us know you’re interested.

Important Deadline: January 8. Last day to send in the questionnaire.

Step 2: After your questionnaire is received, UCO Missions will contact your local mission director. If your director confirms your interest, UCO Missions will send you an application.

Important Deadline: January 15. Applications due no later than this date.

Step 3: UCO Missions will review your completed application upon receiving it. We will then set up an interview time with you.

Step 4: After your interview, you will be notified about our acceptance decision for the Mission Year program.

Important Deadline:  February 15. Placement decisions sent to accepted applicants. We value and respect your preferences for placement; however, you may be placed in another location based on need. By accepting the Mission Year Program offer, you are agreeing to abide by the placement decision.

Step 5: If selected, you will have two weeks to formally accept the offer. Accepting the offer means you understand you will need to do personal support raising (PSR) and that you are willing to serve in the chapter UCO Missions places you with.

May 23-24: Attend the mandatory Personal Support Raising Bootcamp. All first year Mission Year Staff must attend both days of training.

May-July: This summer you are expected to do MSR. Full-time Mission Year Staff should treat MSR as a full-time job and part-time staffers should do MSR as a part-time job. This should be your top priority ahead of summer jobs and other service opportunities.

Beginning of August: Report to work and begin the Mission Year program.


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